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Looking back at August 2002

Trying to complete the Short Story Dare boosted my word count. I had noticed the same already in July during the Worldbuilding Dare. This month I wrote 8151 words in journal entries including the musefics I used as writing warmups and some fanfic snippets. The short story dare, though I didn't complete it, yielded two stories with 3907 words. My total wordcount for August is therefore 12058 words.

12K - I am not quite over the pleasant shock.

Let's see the word count history:

January:  4200 words (journal entries, book reviews)
February: 3500 words (journal entries, Andromeda snippet)
March:    4180 words (journal entries)
April:    3030 words (journal entries)
May:      2430 words (journal entries)
June:     2857 words (journal entries)
July:     7151 words (journal entries, worldbuilding dare)
August:  12058 words (journal entries, musefics, fanfic snippets, short story dare)

Breaking the 10K per month barrier doesn't seem much in comparison to the wordcounts of many other writers at Forward Motion but for me it is an important milestone. Even if I included the journal entries. Knowing that I can make 300 to 400 words a hour or churn out over 1000 during an evening makes a big difference to me. If I still get a grip on writing regularly I will write my novel one day.

The 10K are now my monthly writing goal. For September I want to write the Andromerotica challenge (and thus zeroing my debt to my muse) and starting to make revisions on the short stories. Before that I have to expand my worldbuilding, especially the section about magic. When writing the short stories I more often than not stumbled about the not-knowing-enough.

Addendum: Writing half the short story dare took also care of a part of my New Year's Resolution.

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