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Now I have two Anvar short stories. They need to be revised and rewritten. Still, I will probably leave them be for a time and get back to them when I am feeling more objective. More often than not it hurt to write them, especially the second one, and temptation of scrapping them completely is rather high at the moment.

So back to my fan fiction. For fun I made a list of WiPs, fics I started to write but never finished and fics who were never more than an idea I scibbled down somewhere.

Star Wars: Looking through my harddisk backups I found a file from 1999. It contains worldbuilding notes (6000+ words) and a half-finished fic for a Dark Mirror Universe. The fic fragment doesn't read too bad. I think it was meant as starting point for several other. But it isn't terrible original in its idea and worse I don't know anymore what I wanted to do with it. The concept itself of this Star Wars AU is interesting enough, at least to me. I will keep the file and somewhen in the future I might start over.

Baldur's Gate II: I am a fan of this pc game and its complex storyline is an invitation to play around with the experiences of your player character. I wrote two or three chapters before I became stuck. I'd like to continue working on it. But first I have to find the time to play it to the end.

Wheel of Time: Battle Won, War Lost? is infinitely stalled. I still like the starting point of the story but I don't get a grip on Rand as character. I'm wholly uncertain how he would react in this situation. Whenever I try to immerse myself in the story Egwene starts offering plot twists. It's definitely on ice, probably permanently.

Andromeda: Oh that! I have to start working on High-Jinx. It is due until the end of September. Then there are my Nietzschean Empire ideas. Two versions were battling for supremacy in my mind. Then I rewatched Oroborus and got a third idea!

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