Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Yesterday and today

Work yesterday was frustrating. Objectively I know that the negative result of a recherche is still a result. Still, I felt like banging my head against the desk. I had started earlier than usual at 7:45am for various reasons and left at 5:15pm. Then I left the gym be and went straight home. For writing I was far too restless so I dug one of my still unread novels from my book bag and started to read.

I can recommend Jane Lindskold's fantasy Through Wolf's Eyes. I made only a short break for dinner and read far past midnight. And I wouldn't have put it down if I didn't need some sleep to get through a day's worktime.

Today, the internet access of our local office went down in the morning (or maybe already in the night, I don't know) and didn't get up again. Estimates said tomorrow and in the afternoon I recherched at home for prices we needed asap.

Since I could only work at it later I spent my time with various administrativa. One of them was estimating my hours at the office. We have to record them from now. I discovered that the days when I go to the gym and leave a bit earlier is cutting into the time. I didn't go often in August and so I covered all hours. But for the future I have to keep an eye on this matter. Starting very early is the best solution to that.
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