Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Weekend ante portas

My prediction came true. Ouch, ouch! I am sore and the whole back and the neck is stiff. Actually I awoke with head aches. Fortunately they went away, but the back is still tense. Worse, I have a long drive before me. I will be away for three days. This evening I will head over to my parents and stay there.

Because the last news say the internet access doesn't work properly there be prepared for missing journal updates. This reminds me that I didn't journal the last two days. Note to myself: Back date some short summaries!

I hope to spend the weekend writing so that I can to report some progress on monday. My muse is impatient with me. If I want to get the 10K done like last month I have to catch up fast. Either I start rewriting the short stories or working at the Andromeda bunnies. We will see.

Emotionally I feel considerable better. It may have to do with the upcoming event. Still, it's a nice change. I spent my last birthday nervous and depressed, I don't want to do it this year again.

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