Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

MC's strengths and weaknesses

No writing so far, doodled a bit with clustering and freewriting and thought about Anvar's strengths and weaknesses. This was and is a rather tricky topic. I feel awed a bit, sometimes, and this isn't a good writer's attitude to their main characters. Finally I realized that Anvar being in control, needing to be in control usually ruins his personal relationships. It influences all his social interactions and though it makes him (coupled with his other considerable abilities) very successful other people feel very uncomfortable about him.

I believe that most of his life he had to work on restraining himself, being subtler in this aspect and just easier on people. I will have to explore that further.

Actually some ideas popped up immediately. But Anvar's obsession for control isn't everything, there is his sense for duty and responsibility fo example. I envision his strengths and flaws like a network, balancing each other, gentling some traits, worsen some others.

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