Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

As the expected rush of congratulations via phone calls hasn't started yet I will use the opportunity to make a short post.

I have received the congratulations and best wishes of my family as well as my birthday presents. :) Besides several nice, small items like the headphone from my brother I got a microwave.

This is making me so happy. I have missed having one since I moved into my own flat. For a single a microwave is very useful. Especially when I want to heat up small portions for dinner. I'm usually tired after work and don't want to cook each evening. Now I can prepare bigger meals and freeze them in portions. My microwave is even combined with a grill so I can try out some casserole receipts I found. And I got it together with brackets so I can mount it on the wall. This is a huge advantage because my kitchen is so small and I have close to no work surface.

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