Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,


I took this day off as vacation. The obvious reason was hat I didn't want to undertake the long drive at my birthday. There were also some ordinary tasks I needed time for.

  • getting a prescription from the doctor
  • cash checks at the bank
  • drive home (I was lucky, I needed only a bit over three hours)
  • grocery shopping
  • refueling the car
  • washing the car
  • fix the microwave brackets to the kitchen wall
  • put away the clean laundry
  • don't forget dinner (yea, that's me, forgetting to eat)
  • try to find out why my website is so slow

I'm already tired after the drive home and the grocery shopping. And I have still items on my to-do-list. I feel like a idiot that I fill my free day with tasks. But always if there is time I keep remembering things I should do.

Damn, I will leave it be and do some relaxing now.

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