Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Friday the 13th or Almost an Emergency Landing

Maybe the date should have warned me, but I pride myself not to be superstitious.

My friend invited me for a flight with his ultralight this evening. We had the best weather possible for the flight, no wind, hardly a cloud and perfect sight. I'm a bit ambiguous about this way of flying because of my fear of heights but this time I really enjoyed it.

We were returning when there was suddenly a *twang*. It sounded as if a rope had snapped. My friend immediately slowed down and we tried to figure out what had happened. But everything seemed in order.

Slowly and very carefully we continued the flight and landed on the airstrip. After stopping and turning the motor off we discovered that the tip of a propeller blade was torn away and a tear run over two thirds of the blade. If we had been longer in the air or flown faster afterward we might have lost the whole blade. The result would have been an emergency landing on the meadows below us.

I have to say I wasn't very afraid at the time. Probably because all seemed to function properly and I know that nobody had managed yet to come to death with this particular kind of ultralight (except a suicide case). Of course, when I saw the propeller I swallowed. Contemplating possible crash scenarios made me a bit nervous. Still, I was too tired then to think much about it.

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