Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Interesting quote

The reason I didn't post yesterday was that I had decided to continue reading a book I have since July. It proved to be so excellent that I forgot going on-line and instead read it to the end. I reached it at 4am. Sleep was then a bit cut short but I managed to go through the day.

The book was A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold. I recommend it, by the way. There was a place where I thought: Rhade could have said this.

"...aquiring a reputation as a slick and dangerous man, who would kill without compunction to obtain and protect his own, is not all bad. In fact, you may even find it useful." (Aral Vorkosigan)

And promptly my sick brain spun out how he would react if Dylan were in Miles Vorkosigan's situation and Rhade would hear the rumors.

He is finally taking the becoming husband matter seriously. I am pleasantly surprised. On second thought though: Nah, he is too impractically noble for that.

After that the idea popped up that Rhade himself has reason to implement the above quoted method. Meaning that Sara could meet a very unfortunate accident...

Damn these bunnies. Can't I read a book in peace anymore?

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