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Looking back at September 2002

September didn't went too well, I think. The first two weeks I had an emotional low and a kind of writer's block. I never found the time and/or the inner calm to write. Out of frustration I have (re)started with a BG II fic, just to generate words without any higher aspiration. I'm relieved no one except me has read what I have written so far.

Another goal was to finish the challenge fic. *sigh* I didn't count how many bunnies I bred and then immediately discarded for that. Didn't meet the deadline, got a reprieve. Maybe this week will be better. At least I reached my monthly goal of at least 10K.

Journal entries: 5117 words
BG II fic: 5068 words
Andromerotica challenge fic: 634 words

total: 10828 words

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