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A different workout

I didn't go to the gym today. instead my friend and I had planned to go hiking. We had chosen a modest hill (ca. 900m) with lots of hiking trails. Actually we had planned to hike up to the top and then down again. This would have been about 8 km.

The weather wasn't too cold, but wet. No actual rain, but thick mist made the hiking through the forest almost... mysterious. OK, I'm a bit exaggerating but it made for an interesting impression of the forest. We weren't the only hikers but thanks to the mist you could feel very alone there.

Anyway, we had overestimated our stamina and taken a wrong turn. Instead straight up to the top this trail lead us around the hill top at mid hight. When we realized that we turned around and, because we started to feel tired, traced our steps back to the parking lot.

Nonetheless, we both enjoyed the hike and have decided to repeat it. Maybe next time we will reach the top.

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