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Whining about non-writing

If anyone follows this journal he will have noticed that I am stuck with my writing.

I hesitate to call it writer's block because Real Life is to blame for much of it. Work is stressful in the sense that I am fully stretched doing my tasks and - that's probably the core of the problem - also committed myself emotionally to them. I need to distance myself from them and I have no idea how. I come home exhausted and my thoughts still circle around the job and I can't stop. So no writing.

Then there is this half finished Andromerotica fic. I want to finish it. But since Monday I wasn't able to take one look at it, to just read it. I believe I tried too hard and at the moment I have an almost physical aversion to it.

And I realized that I didn't talk with my muse since, oh no, five weeks. Nothing, no inspiration from that quarter since then. I didn't any Andromeda (except the challenge fic) or original stuff. What I wrote was mostly to write something at all.

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