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I'm sitting at the heater with my Psion Revo and writing my backdated entries. Surprisingly I'm feeling quite happy. Even if the day didn't start out so well.

I had slept badly. Laying long awake, then dreaming badly - no wonder, I felt grumpy in the morning. But work went well and I finished everything I had on my desk.Writing a letter to my landlady is also on the list of accomplished tasks. She won't be pleased but the heating must be fixed. The thing does heat, yes, but the pressure goes over into the red when it fires up and drops under the minimum when not. And it is just running at the lowest intensity. I expect her phone call Friday evening, or Saturday at the latest. But sorry, we had already frost this month and it will become colder.

Usually the Thursday evening is reserved for fitness training. But I didn't go because I reasoned that I will have my training on Saturday when we will go hiking again. And frankly, I'm still a bit stiff from Monday. So instead I went home, made me a cucumber salad and tea, and then sat down to write my journal entries.

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