Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Backdated: Saturday

My parents and I drove a hour to walk along the beach. It was quite cold, maybe four or five degrees above the freezing point, and the wind was chilling. Still, it was a pleasure to walk or maybe because of the weather. We saw two kinds of seagulls, one quite big with a mean, hooked beak. The other looked quite petite in comparison, but proved to be considerable louder. In the rotting tang in the sand we found besides sea shells little jellyfishes. I had thought them shards of glass at the first glance.

Neither of us looked at the watch but I think we walked about a hour. On our way back we turned into a small restaurant that had a lovely view over the sea. Alas, it seems that it was only intended for the summer season. It had no heating at all and when we left it after a hot tea and something to eat we felt as if it was warmer outside than inside.

Nonetheless, it was a nice little trip. Very relaxing.

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