Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Evening summarization

Well, I didn't leave early. Mainly I spent the last hour editing my entries in our database. The thrice-cursed thing is slooow and bug infested. The problem was that I could see my entries just fine but someone else from another office who depends on this information saw nothing of them. Well, they numbered only a dozen or so. Most of the time I only chewed on my nails and waited that it had finished saving. Hope that they show up now. I have no idea what to do if they don't.

Update on my heating system's situation. Sunday one of the radiator valves started leaking. I turned it off and stopped so the dripping on my carpet. Fortunately my landlady was surprisingly forthcoming. The heater will be repaired in the next days. That little trouble will then be fixed too besides the expansion tank.

Me: Physically I feel okay though my cold has now entered the stuffed nose stage. Mentally? I'm trying to inspire myself to become a bit creative, to start writing again. Alas, I'm not very successful.

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