Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Curtain rod and christmas decorations

Weather will change from clear and frosty to wet and cold. Even if the thermometer shows a few degrees more I'm not certain that it is an improvement. I prefer sun to grey clouds, it's far better for my mood.

I had noticed in the last weeks that a cold draft comes from my apartment door into my living room. The problem is that I have no door between living room and the corridor that leads to the kitchen, bath and the apartment door. So I had decided to put a curtain between them. The fabric I have already. Today after work I started my search for a curtain rod. I looked for something modern, unobtrusive, and not too expensive. I think I wandered around more than a hour in the store before I found the right one hidden in a corner: sleek metal with small end knobs and rings and wall fixings in one package. Shortly before I had already resigned myself to a thicker, wooden one that would have been twice as expensive with all the necessary fittings.

When I carried my find to the cash desk I passed by the stand with the x-mas decorations. *sigh* I always say that November is too early for that but I had to stop and look them over. I will spent the holidays with my parents so I see no need for a Christmas tree. But I intend to decorate at least some branches so I purchased some mini tree balls and a mini light set. I'm afraid I will return to get some more. Window decorations would be nice. Last year they seemed so bare.

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