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Murphy's Law again

I had planned well, I thought. Two important tasks but with a good time buffer if I hit a stumbling stone. Of course, nothing happens as you think it will. Around noon I got a urgent phone call. The client doesn't want to send just us the order in answer of our business proposals, they ask for written contracts - the meeting is tomorrow. Thus, let everything be and write the contracts. Of course, nowhere in our office existed a template for that. Usually (that means until now) we write a business proposal, the client says 'we take it' or not or 'we want changes'. If all goes well we get a letter or fax containing the 'we take it' more or less elaborately phrased. And then we do our work.

It wasn't as bad as it sounds. The business proposals were very easily re-written into contract form and yes, I wasted more time than it pleased me to format them properly. Still, it wouldn't have been critical. There was enough time left. But...

Our new coworker who now has to deal with numerous bid invitations (instead of me) stumbled over some little problems. She needed help. Also urgent, of course. And while solving one I spotted the next and then the next. These things are tricky and you can bet that the smaller the print the nastier the surprise. Together we did our best, even if I'm not sure if we will give a quote on that. Some things they demanded were just ridiculous. I can feel with my coworker who felt worse and worse, I already had my shares of traumatic experiences with tendering procedures.

The end of this story: I had finished one of two planned tasks, done two other important ones and left as the last one of our team the office. I don't feel bad though, all in all it was an successful day. The one big thing on my to-do list isn't due until the weekend. So no fuss there. I just wish I could turn off my brain. It still mulls over work and I have to go to bed now because I need to get up early.

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