Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Wednesday should have been a good day...

... but it wasn't. The project I looked forward to for a long time has officially started today. But somehow I got up with the wrong leg first.

Not quite unexpectedly I slept very badly. I lay awake in my bed for a long time and it must have been hours after midnight when I slipped into sleep. Had confusing dreams. While most dealt with work I remember only one but that one very vividly. I don't know how I came into this situation but I found myself brawling with a brawny brute and doing my best to kill him. Not with something so easy and clean like a gun or such, no, fists, and clubs, and cutlery(!). I am absolutely sure it was no one I know but in the dream I loathed him and felt justified, even if I didn't know the reason why we were fighting. And he did also his best to kill me. It ended undecided because I woke up. I think, I had managed to fracture his skull, not counting bruises and some superficial slashes. In turn he had beaten me to pulp. But the whole dream feels unfinished.

I had never such a dream before. It wasn't a nightmare. I wasn't afraid and although I knew he could kill me I was only determined to win. But it was disturbing after I woke up. Yes, I have dreams where I can get hurt, are hunted or do hunt something. But these dreams have a sense of adventure. This one was so violent and nothing more. It should have been ridiculous because I'm a tiny person and the other a two-meter-hulk. But it was deadly serious.

Predictably I was not in the best mood in the morning. But it came worse. While ice scratching my car windows I strained my right shoulder so badly - I have no idea how I managed that - that it hurt like hell the whole day. It was less the shoulder itself, but more often and painful the right side of my neck and starting from the back region of my lowest rip my whole side. At one time it was so bad that breathing hurts and riding in the car was a torture.

During the meeting with our clients I was so subdued that my boss remarked on it. *ouch* Though I have to say that the meeting went well and we reached all the agreements we had wanted. Yes, I was far from my best and knowing that soured the whole day. Nothing appeared to go right and now in the evening I was close to crying. A hot bath has helped the shoulder and hopefully the next day will be better.

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