Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,


I am somewhere between snarling at everyone and everything and crying misery. This was a really successful day. I did well. But I am tired to the bone, and when I came home this idiot of a new neighbor had turned up the volume of his music that I could not only hear it loud and clear but also I could feel my table vibrating.

The pressure is getting to me, especially because I'm not sleeping well anymore. I have neglected this journal. Project details occupy my mind even after work and I can't turn these thoughts off. The last thing is the worst, I believe. I'm lacking a counterweight. Usually journaling and reading are enough but I'm so weary in the evening I have hardly energy for that. Too tired even to feel hungry. I will try to use the weekend for recovering. I hope it does work. If not the last week before my vacation will bring me down.

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