Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

It's time to feel like having vacation

Again I had to get up early to drive the car to the car dealer's shop. (Isn't this supposed to be my vacation? With sleeping in?) At least it was a bit later than yesterday.

Naturally it cost more time to replace the defect part than estimated. Instead of thirty minutes I had to wait more than a hour. I used the time to buy a little present for my grandmother so it wasn't completely wasted time. After I got my car back - yes, it runs smoothly again - I went to the next gas station to refuel and wash it. Though I don't know why I made the effort, the car was already muddy again when I arrived at home. The weather is somehow undecided, it hoovers uncertainly around the freezing point. Yesterday it tawed a bit, in the night it froze and today the sidewalks and roads were a dangerous slide.

I'm feeling like I'm hitting finally the point where I can start to truly relax. The last days were of getting-the-stress-out-of-my-system type, more like a weekend with the usual underlying restlessness. Actually the restlessness is still there ('You are wasting your free time!') but I'm beginning to feel interested in doing hobbies again instead of just lazing around.

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