Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Conlang grammar - thoughts

Default word order is VSO (verb - subject - object). That's the neutral standard sentence. Focus fronting is used to express emphasis on either the subject (SVO - 'I do that.') or object (OVS - 'That, I do.')

I'm thinking about foregoing adjectives in favor of verbs, making them basically in relative clauses, but don't know yet.

Nouns don't change and they have no gender. There are no articles. Heavy use of prepositions (or postpositions?)

Verbs should be interesting. Indifferent to person and number, but they appear in different forms depending on transitivity/intransitivity, state/change, degree of completion, etc. There will be lots of derivation rules.

Pronouns differentiate neither by number nor by gender, at least not m/f/n. Maybe there is a difference between inanimate, animate and persons? That could clash because in my conculture all things can have spirits.

My conlang doesn't inflect at all, I think. Much depends on word order - modifiers usually follow behind. There will be more particles than in English or German to indicate moods, emphasis, exclamations, level of politeness.
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