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Hello 2003

Did I keep my resolutions? What do I want to do in 2003? What am I hoping for?

Life: I have become more and more my own person. I'm not still there where I want to be but I'm moving into the right direction. I found friends, yes, but experienced also some backstabbing. Fortunately I hadn't invested much emotional involvement in those acquaintances.

A big goal is to learn to be more content, to focus on my accomplishments instead beating myself up about things that are still out of reach. I want to bring some organization into my personal life so that I have time and energy for all my hobbies. I need to balance out work and spare time activities.

I need to make a savings plan and set me a reasonable goal for the year's end. Keep book about the household expenses.

Job: It was a roller-coaster. New responsibilities and new demands I had to grow into. The general economic situation of our department looked really bad during the summer. But it became better and now I can look somewhat optimistic to the future.

Health: I finally made the step and went to the gym. More or less regularly during the first half of 2002, slacking off and neglecting the visits during the second. I have build up some much needed muscles. This year I need to keep to the fitness schedule: regularly visits to the gym (at least once a week), walking instead of driving, more gymnastics and keeping my weight. And I have to remember to eat proper meals and not stuffing a snack down my throat when I get a hunger attack.

Writing: I journaled almost daily in the last year. That's something I'm proud of. I didn't make any real progress with fan fiction, but I wrote some book reviews and finished the first draft for two original stories. Writing was hard to make room for. I procrastinate far too much. Will it be better in 2003?

Write every day! That's probably the resolution that is most difficult to keep. I don't want to give up! I want to journal daily. I want to rewrite the two short stories and maybe even submit them. I will work on my conlang - finishing the rules and starting the vocabulary - and expand my worldbuilding.

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