Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Taking a deep breath

That's how I feel. Today is the first day in almost two weeks that I don't feel to drained to journal. The week before was certainly eventful, but more of the kind that wears you down. I will try to backdate some entries later this day and the next.

I got up early for a weekend and went to the office. I haven't the pressing deadlines (yet) but I can work on some things while I am undisturbed. The silence in the office right now is a blessing. I had a problem these last days to focus when programming. The co-workers mill around, there are phone calls to take and whatever. Not today though. I'm all alone in the office.

Besides some work I want to write at least the draft for Zette's article. I have ideas but I have still to sort them. Not sure which slant the article will have. I believe my notes center around conlanging a bit to heavily. I will see when I have written them down and strengthen the other parts.

By the way, I was pleasantly surprised this morning when the Amaryllus plant showed signs of openings its buds. A bit of red peeked through. Yesterday evening the buds were still closed. The Amaryllus is really the fast grower as they told me it would be. In the last nine days it added daily about 3cm to its length. I could practically watch it grow.

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