Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

I'm in heaven

So yesterday I was deeply envious of everyone who has seen the Rhade episode The Unconquerable Man because the third Andromeda season is still far in the future here. But jmtorres has already promised help.

Today I felt positively overwhelmed by the delivery of my book order. I had shelled out my Christmas cash and had to lug 20 kilo books home today. *grins* Good for me that I have strong friends. I would have broken my back trying to get that box up the stairs alone: twelve hardcover volumes of Urania Tier- und Pflanzenreich.

Years ago, in '86 I believe, I got the volume about mammals as a gift. I wanted the others since then. But now you don't get single volumes anymore, you have to buy the newest edition of 2000 as complete collection. Because of this I had hesitated almost two years before I finally ordered them.

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