Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Life's Adventure

So, yesterday evening the car broke down and today I had to drive to a project meeting. In the morning I borrowed the car of a co-worker and promised to return it 'til 4pm because said co-worker had also to attend a meeting, in the afternoon. Our meeting was very productive and time passed. When we had finished the agenda I jumped as I looked at my watch. I had just time to make the return trip in time provided that the weather and road conditions were okay. But in the meantime it had started to snow and with temperatures just above the freezing point the snow thawed on the road. Imagine nothing to see except white and the roads slippery with mud. And drove like a maniac without any regard to my own safety. *shakes head* I'm so a fool sometimes. I passed a car accident on the way home and a few times the car started to slinger on the snow/mud covered road. But.. I raced home. I arrived in time, sweating and almost ill of fear.

Now in hindsight I ask me if I can plead temporary insanity.

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