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Work, Work, what's new

Oh, doing project controlling today was not fun. I have lost the whole last week because project B demanded my attention when I should have workd on project A. This resulted in serious trouble for the timetable. And our clients has deadlines of her own to keep so I can expect no mercy fom this side. What a mess!

Not that I was able to focus on project work undisturbed. Phone calls, emails... The only silverline at the horizon is that I found someone to take over some processes. Means three days work less for me. Anyway,I left work to pick up my car from the dealer's garage, drove home, ate dinner and returned to the office to continue fixing errors in peace.

I just returned home again and still feel compelled to do something work related. I feel scared. We aren't so far that we could show the client something working yet. That has to change. Very soon.
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