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To hell with it

I still feel like sh!t. Yesterday (and also the day before) the client couldn't get the application to work. Problems with the code they said. Problems with the ODBC connection, we said. That went back an fourth until they said just before noon that they definitely need at version to test. The customer is king. So we took our test server and installed it in our client's conference room and let them do their testing while we looked after their server. And you know what? It was the ODBC connection between application and database. The whole day lost to this. The day should have been spent debugging the application. Every day counts in this process.

The second thing that put us (I mean my boss, my co-worker and me) in really bad mood was that they didn't test for training suitability but really to destruction (or crash, in this case). They had agreed that this was a prototype and then to grouse that a birthyear of 1111 causes an error I find a bit much. We know well enough that this thing isn't finished yet and we were prepared to provide a working version if the input is correct. Only that the last day fixing errors was lost. Well, end of the song. Yesterday evening they gave us a list of sixty or so error reports (unclustered, most had the same cause) and thirty eight of them must be fixed until tomorrow (this morning, then). All of them is unpossible, we told them. Well, the training can't be cancelled, so fix as many as possible was the answer.

We gritted our teeth, drove back to our office, arrived at 7:30pm and started working. My boss was the tester, I fixed the ASP, my co-worker the javacript. I still can't believe that we managed to work through the night until 5am. We got almost all of the serious errors, mailed the last version and then my co-worker still had to drive back with the testserver so that the client had a fall-back.

I dropped into bed afterwards and just got up an hour or so. Dreamed of ASP errors. :( Am still tired. My boss threatened me if I should appear at work today. I don't object. The last weeks with worked through weekends were hard. Besides, I can do nothing without the test server. Let's wait how the training went and then work from there. Today I plan to be lazy.
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