Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,


We, meaning my mother and I, drove to next town quite early. That proved to be a good decision because we could still look in peace. Around noon the shops became so crowded we had problems to get from A to B. By then we had already done our purchases. I had manged to find two pairs of sandals for me. That's no small feat because my shoe size is usually only found in the children's section. One pair is jeans-blue, very light and with a soft sole. They are very comfortable. The other pair is black, less comfortable but looks elegant. I will need this pair for more formal occasions. The price was steep, especially for the black pair. *sigh* But my situation is so that I'm just glad if I find something.

I also went into a book store. Nowadays I have became increasingly choosy but I found a history book that looked interesting and, surprise, a cookbook about Japanese food.

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