Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Computer- you love them, hate them, need them

If anyone asks, I'm writing this on my Psion. My pc is on strike; probably sulking because I muttered one complaint or more too many. It just stopped working after I finished replacing the cooling fan with a less noisy ones. Booted up exactly once after that and then it went black. No screen output, no keyboard reaction, nothing.I tried resetting the bios. It didn't help. I will wait and try again tomorrow.

If there is no change then it has to be a new motherboard and/or a new processor. Another 150 Euro gone, more if I have to get new RAM too. Grr.

Anyway, these are almost the last parts to replace before the pc is practically new. And everything started with the quite reasonable wish to reduce the noise.

After the old power supply conked out I got a new one, noise reduced. The overall noise level didn't lessen, though. So I decided to replace the old monstrosity of a CPU fan. This I did today. With two temperature regulated, very silent fans. And discovered that I couldn't remove the also present motherboard cooler and this thing is loud. It has a slightly screeching undertone that is hard on my nerves when they are not at their best. And currently they are never very endurable.

Additionally the board doesn't seem to regulate fan rotation speed at all. Even if I don't hear the new ones, I don't like this.

Really, I have enough.

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