Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,


Yesterday afternoon my boss called and asked if I would like to take the next days free beginning with today. The reason is that I can't really contribute to the one project anymore, the other we have finished and no new project is immediate. Because I still have left vacation days from the last year and the days are sunny and hot I agreed immediately. So I have now a week free.

Today I mainly lazed around. I'm glad that I went yesterday evening and bought a table fan or else I would have melted. 33°C outside in the shadow and no less than 28°C in my flat! I could have burned my hand at the closed blinds. There was no energy left to do something.

This evening after sundown I will drive to my parents. They have a great garden with shady places and a bit wind and the house is cooler. I called my mother and we have the barbecue already planned.

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