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I burnt my meal and still ate it
then fell asleep for hours;
I went flying in the evening
and now the day ends.

That's the day in a short description. With more details:

The day started well enough, I had slept well and the day was sunny though it would become soon uncomfortably hot.

I started to reread Steven Brust's Book of Jhereg and suddenly and completely unrelated to my current activity, as it happens lately to me, it made click in the back of my mind and the solution for a plot problem in my probably-never-written novel presented itself. One of the starting points of the story that should throw my MC into deep trouble is that his family refused to help an old ally despite having promised it years go. A serious matter is this, breaking a given word, and they are losing reputation fast among their peers. And of course this decision affects the MC too. What I couldn't fathom was the why behind the refusal. The other side wouldn't ask specifically for Anvâr, him being a just graduated mage, unexperienced and untried. So why not send another mage from the family to aid them? The answer is of course that only Anvâr is qualified and there are no other full mages in his family. They had Sensitives and minor Gifted, but no real Mage until Anvâr was born. And he is their hope for prosperity and social advancement in a city that is ruled by a magocracy. Naturally they would loath to risk him on a highly dangerous mission. If he ends dead or crippled their plans would be for naught for at least another generation. So all I had to do was to adjust Anvâr's background from old wizardry family to well-to-do merchant clan and also his resulting attitude.

But cooking lunch ended in disaster because I was still distracted by said plot problem and I burnt the potatoes into the wok. I scraped the non-black parts onto a plate and ate them. I only hope that the dishwasher will be up to the task and manage to clean the wok. After that I only wanted to finish the chapter and sprawled myself over the couch to do so. I swear I didn't intend it but I fell asleep in minutes and woke up four hours later. Too hot, dehydrated, with leaden limbs and thoroughly irritated at myself. This was still the case when a friend called and invited me to come UL flying with him. I didn't want to and said so but he can be unbelievably persistent. After half an hour he had persuaded me to agree and we met to drive to the small airport where he has his ultralight flyer. I have to admit it was one of the better flights. The weather was optimal and my mood improved. Later I followed his invitation to eat dinner with him and his wife and we sat and talked for a hour or two.

I returned home at half past eleven and somehow I felt instantly down. I am not a great fan of flying and it's time consuming to get to the airport, prepare the little flyer and then the whole procedure in reversal after the flight. It isn't fair to blame the fling, my friend did his best to get me out off the emotional low, but I feel as if I have wasted the day. And despite sleeping I feel tired, the flat is a oven and I am frustrated/irritated/aggravated at myself. Damn!

PS: And I did need more than one hour (!) to write this journal entry coherently. *grr*
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