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Another click, #3?

I don't know why it makes click in my brain when I am indisposed to write the results down, being at the wheel of my car or far too tired to crawl out of my bed again. Anyway, yesterday evening I started to tell myself what should happen in chapter one and two of my probably-never-written-novel and it clicked. Again. I threw an earlier story idea at one of my secondary characters and have now a nice subplot that fits well with the background of the main plot. The plot of chapter 1 won in complexity and even pace, I believe. Nothing new in chapter 2 except the mentioned change in point of view but I know now where I have to look for better motivations and to fill holes. And I even followed the rule that each action scene should end in disaster for the good guys. *evil grin*

This morning I had half an hour to jot the ideas down and this evening I wrote a short plot synopsis for both chapters. They help me, I feel, to make the chapters more real to me. Besides, I remembered Zette's phase outlining and maybe I have an easier time to write if I break the scenes up into more manageable chunks of snippet lengths. I hope.

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