Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Work was exhausting, I didn't finish every to-do and left with a low-level headache.The training course planned for thursday is called off. It was a reasonable decision, it would have been overkill for our little tool.I'm partly relieved, partly a bit disappointed. Surprisingly, as I almost dreaded this. But I had invested much work in preparation on Sunday so that I even looked forward to it. Well, I still have to finish the presentation and documentation for delivery to the users and will be available for support.

Our department sorted out some old office armchairs. I could take one home. So I have now a very comfortable armchair for working on my computer. I like this model even more than the new ones in our office. The back is higher and because I'm a small person I can lean back and rest my head.

And a complaint: It's too hot. My flat is an oven and I have the fan working on overtime. Please let it become 5 degrees or so cooler.

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