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I need to sleep

After a day with 38.5°C (at 6pm) it's still 31°C in my flat despite two open windows and the fan running at full power. Far too hot to sleep. And I need to sleep so badly.

Yesterday we, I, got an harsh email from an irate client. I had taken over this project from another co-worker mere days ago. The client demanded answers (state of the project, implemented functionality etc.) I could not immediately give. I spent the whole afternoon hunting for these answers. This project is a mess. No documentary at all. Functionalities implemented we haven't a contract for yet. Functionalities we should have finished that are still buggy. Oh my. I had the doubtful pleasure to go through the email correspondence between said co-worker and the client. The tone is .. ugly. *wince* No, they didn't get on well with each other. I had the client at the phone and I realized immediately that they are not compatible in their temper. This explains why boss wanted the change. It took the whole afternoon and the evening to sort things out.

Meaning that the stuff I had planned to do that day was still untouched. And because there was a meeting planned for today for which I needed that presentation etc. I had to finish it.

I stumbled out of the office at 11pm. Ate something and went to bed at 0:30. Jerked awake at 2am because the idiots in the next flat decided to watch some action movie at cinema volume. Put pillow over my ears, no effect. Hammered with the broom at the wall, they didn't hear. I don't know when it got finally quieter. It must have been after 3am or so. Fell asleep. Was awoken by the noise from the construction site at 6am. Tried to sleep another hour. Futile.

Sleepwalked through the morning. Drove to the meeting starting at 8am. Got stuck in a traffic jam. Needed one hour for three kilometres in the jam, needed then half an hour for another three kilometres during the detour. Arrived really, really too late. It's a wonder that the meeting went quite well despite everything. Got permanent headache from the heat and the exhaustion. When I returned to the office I thought I could leave early. No way. Another email by said client (much nicer this time) and several other things coming up and needing to be dealt with and so I left at 6pm.

Wanted to sleep. Impossible. Too hot. I'm waiting that it becomes cooler. Please.

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