Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

First I had the appointment with my dentist. Luckily, no new holes or other problems were to find. She only pointed out to me that a very old filling from '93 needs to replaced in the near time and I should think about inlets. Inlets I would have to pay for myself, but it would keep probably a lifetime. For another, new filling my health insurance would pay but after a decade or so it must be replaced again and each time I would lose a little bit more from the tooth. Well, I don't have to decide right now. I also let her do a full cleansing with ultrasound and salt. It wasn't easy to reach every one of the wisdom teeth but she managed. Even if the side with the crooked one still hurts.

I had no desire to do something more that day than to sit in a quiet corner and read. But my mother dearly wanted to go out with me and because the weather is supposed to turn colder and wet I agreed that we should use this day. So we went shopping. I successfully avoided to be talked into new clothing but helped Mom to chose a new warm winter jacket. I found two books that interested me (already finished reading them) and hunted for a spice mill, something less bulky than the common models. I found one at WMF and Mom suggested I let her buy it for my birthday, less than two weeks away.

Then we looked at the program of the nearby cinema but nothing interested us so we returned home. It was already time for dinner. Since then I have read the new books. I'm a little bit miffed that my parents turn up so little tasks like computer update for my father or the weekly grocery shopping. I just wanted to be lazy!
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