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The Weekend Novelist starts tomorrow

One of the items in the not yet arrived amazon order is The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery. One part of the reason I was so miffed was that I wanted to get started. I have seen the first posts in preparation of this year's Nanowrimo and I am somewhat desperate to get back to writing. I know, I won't be participating, not even unofficially. The November is usually a stressful month at work and so far the project plans indicate lots of work for that month. Nonetheless I want to make more room for writing. I have felt unhappy for the last year because it appeared to be only about work and nothing more. And I am unhappy about turning thirty and having nothing to show for it. I do dabble in writing for five years or so. Dabbling, nothing more. Snippets, false starts, unfinished and abandoned works.. I see, this is starting to turn into a whine so I will cut it short and come to the point.

I don't want to write a classical mystery, but one of my story ideas could be a mystery in a fantasy setting. The book seems to give a plan for writing one during 52 weekends. I went today to's product pages and they had Weekend 1: The Killer featured in their look-inside-pages. It's background work. Everything seems to be quite logical and I like the writing style and the advice in that chapter.

Nothing can hinder me from doing the first part of the work tomorrow, right?

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