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It could have been a better day.

I went to the gym this late afternoon for the second time after the eight month break. It went hardly better than the first try ten days ago. My condition is sadly lacking. I was exhausted when I left and then I decided to visit a friend first instead going home. A mistake. I felt sick and miserable thanks to thirst and low blood sugar. Just stupid of me. I also stayed longer than planned and came home just now. I still feel not so well and my 'shut-down-process' has started only now. My need for private time, mostly spent reading and online, is rather high. In situations like now I feel like coming too short, making me cranky and irritated. Seems I will again go to bed very late.

This day was very... unproductive. The weather changed from a Golden October, cold but dry and sunny, to cold, grey and very wet. I hate such days. I become too easily depressed. At work I was phenomenally lacking concentration. I was supposed to prepare a presentation. More than a rough outline I didn't manage. Because of that I left the office early. It's no use to waste the hours and I have still overtime left. Decided to go directly to the gym and well... It could have been a better day.

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