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What I wanted to do

I came home to my typical messy flat because I can't be bothered to keep it tidy during the week. (And sometimes I don't even do it during the weekend.) In any case the situation had again hit my tolerance threshold and so I decided to clean up the flat. I really don't like household chores but still I like it tidy or else I feel uncomfortable.

My list of things to do looked thus:

  • bring fan and dvd player cardboard box into the basement
  • do the laundry
  • put away the clean clothings, jackets, shoes
  • put away the piles of books
  • look through and put away the piles of papers
  • water the plants
  • clean up the table in the living room
  • clean up the desk
  • dust off the shelves
  • vacuum the flat
  • empty the trash bins
  • clean kitchen
  • clean bathroom
  • check finances
Of course, I didn't finish everything in four hours before a friend came visiting. But I am satisfied so far. The rest has to wait for the tomorrow or the next weekend.
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