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I use Dragon Naturally Speaking for a few months and it works better than typing because I am sooo slow with the keyboard. Nonetheless I have a problem sitting at the pc and letting the words come. It's easier to write longhand and then dictate it later. But.. it takes time and many journal entries are now in my note book and not here in this journal.

A friend of mine suggested that the computer means work for me instead of fun because I sit before the keyboard all day at work. He could be right. Additionally, there is the distraction factor. Just a short check of my friendslist or my favourite fanfiction archives and soon two, three hours have passed.

So now I am looking at digital voice recorders to dictate and then letting Dragon transcribe the recording. My problem is that the official compatibility list for the software isn't that big and also rather pricey. I think it lacks a sort of blacklist, voice recorders that don't work. How can I know if they just didn't test the model or if it failed the test?

Philip's Digital Pocket Memo recorders are on the list, but not their Voice Tracer series. I took a look at one of those models and it itched in my fingers. It's a relly sweet, little thing and still in an reasonable price range. If I could be certain that it works for my intended purpose..
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