Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Finally my new washing machine was delivered today. I still feel nostalgic when I think of my old, small, inherited one. But after years of reliable service for several owners it stopped to work shortly before Christmas. And I had to look for a new one.

At least it isn't much broader than the old one, just higher. The place in the kitchen is sparse. And it wasn't easy to bring the machine in position alone. But it is done and the first, cleaning wash cycle also is over. I can start to do my laundry, tomorrow I think.

In other news, I have a working computer again. After much deliberating I installed the MS Office Professional 2003. I'm not a big fan of the Office bundle. Primarily, because it messes up the Windows installation too much, imho. For someone like me who likes each application in its own folder is the the number of directories Office creates and the files it puts into the root quite annoying. But this installation will allow me to bring work home when necessary. And I have now the possibility to work from home sometimes.

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