Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,


I had barely two hours today in the office before I had to lease for the training. Unfortunately, I didn't finish everything. Though I made no promises for certain deadlines I'm not so pleased to leave the to-dos this way before my extended weekend.

The training was about the use of a Content Management System, specifically RedDot 5 for those who are interested. The intranet of our firm has been overhauled and every department shall now be responsible for their own content. Since I have already experiences with RedDot and am semi-responsible for all matters web/internet/etc. I was delegated from my own team. We have some other departments at the same location and they asked me if we could make the trip together. I was okay with that, but told them that I couldn't take them back on Friday because I had my visit to my parents planned and they live in another town. I somewhat hoped that one of them would drive because of my back problems. But not such luck. At least the traffic was reasonable so we arrived after somewhat more than one hour.

The training course is nice but not overly interesting. It is meant for authors while the one I privately took a year ago covered also the administration. In the evening we drove back. The second part of the course starts tomorrow morning and then I will have some days to get better, physically and emotionally. I have still problems with the back but it's considerably better than two days ago.

I should go to bed but I can't yet. I'm tired but hyper. That's a bad combination.

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