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What a day

I overslept. That means I did wake up when the alarm rang, I hit the thing and turned around thinking: Only five minutest. Shot up from a weird but pleasing dream: 7:10am. Bolted from the bed, splashed water in my face, got dressed, combed hair, put the last things I needed to take with me in the car (no breakfast!) and drove to the office where I had to pick up my co-workers. I arrived punctual, there were no co-workers there yet. One waited in the office when I went looking for them, the other came ten minutes later.

The training was again somewhat boring because of the different backgrounds the people had. One had to think the folk from the Human Resource or the Sales Department had never worked with a computer. OK, they probably haven't had any experiences with the web.

During the short break I opted for the sandwiches instead of calling my office and asking if something had happened in the meantime. After the course my mobile informed me that I should call. There was a minor problem/request with a client that I solved then with one call.

My co-workers had found someone else to take them back home so I could drive directly to my parents. Usually I avoid making the trip in Friday's rush hour traffic. It's stressful but today it went comparatively well. I only needed three and three quarters of an hour. Still, I was glad to arrive at my parents' home. During the last hour or so it had started to pour. It wasn't pleasant to drive in the weather.

Surprisingly, Mom was already home. She had brought her work home and was just finishing it. She made me tea and we talked until Dad came home late.

Now, I'm so groggy that I will go to bed now. Even if it is only half past eight.

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