Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Visual Learner

Vicki linked to an article about Visual Spatial Learner that described her son's situation and I was surprised to find myself there. When I think back to my school days I can clearly remember that I was taking in everything visually. Fortunately I found the material they were teaching easy enough that it took not much effort to learn, even if I found the repetitions and school itself boring. Languages were the most difficult subject for me (except gym). I read and learned much outside of the classroom, everything that came into my sight. Later I struggled horrible while getting my diploma at the university because all lectures were given orally and rarely supported by schematics, graphs and sketches.

I knew that I am a visual learner but if I think about it, I never really learned the right methods to uses this to my advantage. I even believe that I worked so hard to compensate my 'deficiency' in the Left Brain Mode I neglected my Right Side, my creativity. Maybe even blocked it. I don't know. Much stuff for thinking.

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