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The Thursday had started well and ended very much as a downer. There was too much to do in too little time. Thus some tasks that should have been finished this week are behind the time table. That has also been the third day in a row when I had to come in earlier than usual but had also to stay late. Our desk manager is on sick leave for the whole week and because we have to maintain a presence, mainly for telephone calls, someone has to be in the office all the time. Everyone else had outwards meetings therefore I had the duty. Exhaustion, I have noticed, is a trigger. In the evening I panicked over the unfinished items. Finally I managed to write a few emails to order these things but my mood had already spiralled down. At least I gave me a push and left the filled-out form for taking a vacation day on my boss' desk for him to sign.

Friday I had a very early meeting. But fortunately that client is one of the nicest ladies I know and the material we looked at together was very interesting. Around noon after the meeting I called in and my boss told me the vacation day was Okay and wished me a nice weekend. Great! The Monday will be free. I drove directly to my parents and surprised them. I had mentioned the possibility, but had kept it vague. Btw, my brother is currently also here and he can be such a clown. He is teasing me and my parents relentlessly and there is no stopping him. It's good to be here.

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