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March = spring = new beginning

It's March now. March is the month of spring, a new beginning. So here are my goals.

1) Get a grip on these mood swings.
2) Tidy the flat step by step.
3) Try writing again.

Regarding the last item on my list: I recently created a kind of writing journal, dedicated to my only muse, anvar. A part of me thinks that this is utter madness or just actionism on my part because my writing is non-existent for more than a year now. Another part believes that I shouldn't give up hope and continue to try. The 2YN assignments that jrosestar, gerriwritinglog and mistri mentioned in their journals have encouraged me to revive an old idea and parallel the process. Though I don't feel up to dealing with original fiction yet, so it will be fanfiction if at all. The goal is to post in anvar at least once a week. There will be both public and friends locked entries.
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