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At work

Yesterday was a too long day at work. I had to implement changes in a web application, only that a so innocuous wish of the customer touched a basic structure. While the code modification itself was fairly easy, the testing is complex because I have to go through nearly each feature. It was one of the first applications I had written and the code isn't so modular as I would do it today. Well, I sent the version yesterday late off and this morning I had a talk with the sysadmin. He hasn't time yet to upload the update yet, so I have time to make another test cycle. Caught a few minor bugs so far and fixed them. Will send a replacement version around noon. *sigh*

My paid lj account expired. I have just noticed. I don't want to pay from work so this has to wait until this evening. Need to finish another snippet for anvar. While writing about writing comes fairly easy to me, writing fiction, however small, currently feels like pulling teeth with an old-fashioned tongs and then I have just pain and a bloody mess as a result. Grr.

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