Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

As you have probably noticed I'm swamped with work. I have to fight against feeling overwhelmed. These last days I came home late and groggy. When I tried to do my grocery shopping on Wednesday I found myself staring at one shelf five minutes and so and when I snapped out of it I had forgotten what I was looking for. My state isn't helped by the fact that I seem to need more 'spare time' to counter work although it just consists of staring blankly at the pc screen while being online. I think I will work tomorrow too. The question is if I do this at home or in the office. At home is more comfortable, but I'm far more efficient in the office without the distractions.

Need to have a chat with my muse. I'm frankly worried that I lose the routine I found in the last two weeks. I need suggestions or a quick kick from him to keep me going. I really should try going to bed earlier and writing in the morning.

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