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What I did today

  • Updated anvar. I needed three, no four days to leave all the worry about work behind me and focus on my WIP. I'm very much behind.
  • I gave me a push and went to the gym. I am really in bad shape. Though I avoided the machines that are really hard on the shoulders I am sore. The tension in the neck resulted in headaches.
  • After that I visited the garden center. I was looking for a certain type of potted plant I had seen there once but didn't find it again. Instead I brought three small cacti and a tillandsia root home.
  • Then I sat down to solve a software problem for work because tomorrow the stress will begin anew and I won't find time for that. I was successful in that but the idea alone that I need to do that on my free day instead using the time for better things was enough to sour my mood.
  • I am now finished with that, alas I have a hard time finding back to my AU. I would like to finish my current worldbuilding topic.
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