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I am still alive

For those who might have doubted it. The current project has swallowed me and still chews on me. And the co-worker who was supposed to do a part of it - I am ready to murder him. My boss would likely help me. That man has weeks wasted on his module and now - when it should go to our client - it is still full of bugs and some functionalities are not even implemented yet. I have worked the whole May through all weekends and holidays and I am at the end of my strength. It is a relief that I am returning to a more reasonable schedule now though this project will still keep me busy during June.

I took at least the last Saturday free. While the weather wasn't too nice (sometime it drizzled) I managed to get up and go shopping in the city center. Partly it was out of necessity - I needed new clothing to replace old things - and partly it was to get my mind away from the work. The last weeks I woke up worrying about the project and how much is still to be done and went to sleep exhausted and worrying. So it was a relief to discover that yes, my interest in my hobbies, especially conlangs, has revived. I got me a wonderful, short grammar of Turkish. Not because I'm interested in that language but because it is an agglutinating one and this grammar explained all of it straightforward. It is a good guide for my own conlang that turns out to be more agglutinating than originally intended by me. And finally I gorged myself with asparagus in one of the restaurants before returning home.

Sunday saw me again in the office preparing another test version for our client and helping said co-worker testing his module. *shudders* I have a stiff schedule for this week but my goal is to have all of the coming weekend free. I can hope, can't I?

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