Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

On vacation now

I have now two weeks of vacation. -pause- That didn't sound really enthusiastic yet, did it?

Tired, I'm just tired. I have mostly slept through the weekend and spent the waking hours online. I discovered that I still worry about the project though my part of it is finished for the time.

This evening I will leave for my parents' home where I will spend the next week or so. Hopefully with lying in the garden if the weather allows it. Currently it reminds me more of April or fall with the amount of rain and thunderstorms during the last weeks. My flat still looks like a mess and I'm trying to get it into an acceptable state before I go.

Many thanks to those who left a word of encouragement in the last months. *waves to zeonn* I really, really appreciated it, even if I didn't comment right back.

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